Modular Festival 2012

Interactive installation and teaser movies for the youth culture festival in Augsburg.


For the Modular Festival 2012 we had the task to realize several teaser movies as well as an interactive installation on four big screens in the foyer of the Augsburger Kongress. Since there weren’t any presettings we were able to decide what we wanted to from the beginning until the end, which means from the idea till the final result.

The clips are only a few seconds long and surprise through their bizarre contents.

The installation worked like this. People that were walking past the screens triggered the playback of the next video clip. The showed clips had the same style as the teaser movies.



May 2012


SJR Augsburg


Conecption, Direction, Sound, Camera, Cut, Installation, Documentation


Jürgen Branz, Sebastian Ettinger, Oliver Hausmann, Claus Hoffmann, Dominik Liebherr, Thomas Müller, Jakob Nicklbauer, Christian Unterberg
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